Pet Photo Requirements

Please take careful consideration when sending a photo of your pet. Pet will be drawn exactly as is in the photo. Redrawing will incur a design fee.

  • Use a high-quality, original photo.

This means no screenshots or filters + the photo should not be blurry or pixelated when zoomed in.

  • Good lighting.

Detail of face / fur is easily visible.

  • Pet is front-facing and at eye level with the camera.

Photo should not be taken from above with the pet looking up at you.

  • Minimal background distractions / clutter.
  • No body or face obstructions.

Ex: Hands, toys, blankets, outdoor elements, etc.


Pet should be sitting down, not laying. Please show entire body (from the front, not the side) and paws. Stance and expression will not be edited. Collars / harnesses / bandanas will be removed unless otherwise stated.