Luxurious. Timeless. Tailored. Romantic.


Meet Kayla.

I am a one-woman team based in New Jersey, and your special moments are my passion.

Connecting with each client, seeing what inspires their vision, and helping to bring that vision to life is what fuels me every day. It is truly a pleasure to be a part of your romantic journey.

In August 2022, after a five-year engagement due to the pandemic, I was finally able to have my dream destination wedding in the Outer Banks. There are no words to describe the magical, floating-on-clouds feeling of your wedding day, and if I can help every single couple feel what we felt, than I am the luckiest gal around.

Thank you for choosing WildHaven Studio; we appreciate every inquiry!


Premium Quality

We strive to provide you with the highest quality products that not only look beautiful on the day of, but also withstand the elements and hustle-bustle of your big day. All of our products are made with premium materials that fit your budget.

Outstanding Service

We go above and beyond to ensure your wedding matches the vision. We offer easy-to-customize wedding decor and favors in a variety of styles, and we also create custom orders to align best with your aesthetic.

Attention to Detail

At WildHaven Studio, we whole-heartedly believe that "the magic is in the details." We carefully design and package each item, so you can rest assured the details of your day will be perfectly executed. Have something specific in mind? Let us know.